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Terms and Conditions

By booking Badboys Australia you agree in full to the following terms and conditions.

You and your guests must be over the age of 18+ to make a book Badboys Australia. We will not provide performances or entertainment at any functions or venues where minors are present.


Badboys Australia is not liable for any loss or damages to individuals and personal property. Badboys Australia  wishes to advise you that shows are often interactive and involve crowd participation. Badboys Australia encourages a safe environment for all attendees on the night at all times, and we do understand that unexpected accidents can happen under unfortunate circumstances. Badboys Australia are not liable for any accident or injury to any persons attending the event and booking.

Badboys Australia shows will contain some nudity which may be offensive to some patrons. We pride ourselves on successfully contributing to memorable events; however, we must first and foremost ensure a safe work environment for our guys. You may not touch our staff inappropriately. You may not be obscene or insult the entertainer in any way, and if this is breached the entertainer may give a first and final warning, or, immediately stop their entertainment/performance and leave the function. If an entertainer or the show feels unsafe or receives any kind of abusive behaviour they can leave at any stage without explanation.


If our performer does not wish to be filmed or photographed during any stage of their show, under no circumstance may a client do otherwise. Our show may allow guided touching during shows i.e. thighs, buttocks, breasts/chest, or private parts. This choice is up to the individual entertainer and you may only touch the areas the dancer directs you to touch during the performance. Performers can offer clients “extras” (extra entertainment) on the night and extra fees will apply. Extras may include private or public lap dance performances with a patron, where guided touching and nudity is permitted. Please provide a room for the entertainer to change into their costume upon arrival.


By hosting Badboys Australia, all the shows equipment and performers belongings must be kept safe whilst at your function. Any stolen goods will be documented, reported to police, and potential charges pressed if belongings are not returned or failure to reimburse.


Badboys Australia aim to consistently provide quality entertainment to all our customers. Please advise your booking agent via our email if you have any issues with the above, so we can deal with them accordingly.

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