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Badboys All Star Cast it's Badboys 4 life

Simply the best in ladies entertainment.

Badboys male strip clubs Saturdays

Asylum Nightclub Gold Coast and The Met Nightclub Brisbane

Look no further than Badboys Australia for your next event. Their new show takes the audience on a journey where every emotion explodes into a night of excitement, titillation, and exploration of the male form. Badboys Australia specialises in fulfilling every girl’s fantasy and desire with style, ensuring every moment is everlasting. A night with Badboys Australia is one that won’t soon be forgotten. 


Male strip shows are becoming the latest craze and Badboys Australia is undeniably one of Australia's most successful and famous male revues. Having travelled extensively through the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Bali, Manilla, Shenzhen, New Zealand and of course our home,Australia. Badboys Australia has become more than just a household name in ladies entertainment industry. 


Take a moment and picture your venue bringing to the main stage Badboys Australia, a special night out for the ladies. The room is packed with beautiful woman waiting for the magic that's about to unfold right before their eyes. As the music builds... so does their excitement. The lights set the scene and the smoke drifts across the stage - get ready for an epic night as Badboys Australia enter the room. #GDFR It's. About. To. Go. Down.


For all the girl’s looking to celebrate a bachelorette party, hens party, birthday party or just a girl’s night out, then Badboys promises to be an incredible night of sexiness, giggles, and crowd interaction, with a focus on high-energy, sophisticated entertainment.

Some of Australia's best male performers and strip tease professionals coming together in an amazing live performance both on tour and regular Saturday events in the Gold Coast and Brisbane.


Badboys Australia is an interactive show that is specifically designed to make every woman feel special and indulge their senses. It's the ultimate ladies night out.

Every girl loves a Bad Boy.

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Award winning male revue show.

the show.

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